At Personalized Care Plus we understand that at any stage of life someone could require domicilliary care including those with learning disabilities, mental health problems, sensory impairment or physical disabilities.

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Domicilliary Care

We provide domicilliary care and support services enabling clients the abiltiy to retain independence in the comfort of their own homes.  We deliver high quality of care 24 hours a day, 7 days a wekk, 365 days a year.  With a warm caring approach and dedication our team of experienced and well trained staff have a passion in all they do.  We operate an out of hours on call service for emergency contact outside of office hours to give peace of mind and reassurance to our clients, care workers, relatives and their next of kin.

Supported Living

We support people experiencing mental health issues, those with complex mental health, learning disabilities, autism to live in the community and be a part of that community however and wherever they choose, often helping them move from hospital, residential care or family homes into their own place or a house shared with friends.

We provide personalised support to suit each individual’s needs whether that’s round the clock, or by dropping in to help with shopping and cooking, or perhaps helping with the bills.

Whether you have lived in a supported living environment or moving into your own home for the first time, We will support you in finding accommodation with local housing associations or private landlords ensuring it meets your needs or can be easily adapted to meet your needs

We’ll also help to make sure you understand the details of your tenancy agreements and paying rent. We can support you to move, and to work out what support you’ll need to live in your own home.

Finding the right staff is important. It’s not just about finding someone that does a job, but finding someone who is caring and compassionate, ideally one who can support you with your interests and the things you enjoy as an
individual and can help you achieve your goals whatever they may be.

We also take the time to make sure that our staff are fully trained in person-centred active support so that they’re able to help the people they support enjoy higher levels of inclusion, independence and choice. It’s a style of support that we know leads to great outcomes for the people we support.

We’re registered with the Care Quality Commission ((CQC) who regulate and monitor the standards of care in England)) as a domiciliary care provider, which means we can provide personal care in people’s own homes. We take the standard of care and support we offer very seriously, which is why all our supported living accommodation is run to meet the standards set out by the CQC.

We work closely with the people we support to identify any opportunities to help them live more independently, safely and easily. This might take the form of personalised technology, whether through a gadget that reminds them to close the fridge door, or a finger print lock that means they are not worried about forgetting their keys when they go outside.

Our aim is to support people so that they are in control and feel they can do things with the right level of assistance or without assistance and feel more in control.

Live-in Care

Live-in care is the ideal option as an alternative to care homes, which allows an individual to live within the comforts of their own home with a carer or careres stationed with them.  Rather than move away from home to residential care, we provide personalised care for extended hours, ranging from a week, a fortnight, a month or several months depending with the duration of the time required.  Day to day tasks such as personal care, shopping, activities, laundry etc.  Adding to your health and general wellbeing and that assurance that someone is always there to meet your needs.  Our team are reliable, trustworthy and honest.

Respite Care

We provide respite care at clients homes for that much needed break.  Depending on the nature or care required we work around your needs.  You are rest assured that your loved ones are in good care even when you are away.

Learning Disabilities

We provide support to individuals with learning disabilities to ensure they have a quality of life and retain and maximise their independence whether at home or in the community.  Working closely with families or friends we customise our services to suit their varying needs in terms of care and activities.

Dementia Care

We know how stressful and challenging it can be when you discover that someone you love has dementia orAlzheimers. We can provide you with a compassionate and reliable dementia care service through working closely with you and providing care suitable for the varying needs of your loved ones.  All our staff are fully trained on how to handle people who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimers.

Palliative Care

We provide care and support centred on empathetic grounds to clients who are nearing end of life due to illness and other factors such as old age.  We ensure respect, comfort and dignity in the last days of loved ones.   We understand the pain and discomfort associated with this difficult time in peoples’s lives so we do all we can to comfort and support relatives and friends.  Our rapid response team are always on hand to setup your entire end-of-life care services within a few hours of you contacting us.  Our friendly staff are always on hand to help discuss any worries you or your family have as well as answer any questions.

Specialist Services

There might come certain times when our team are required to undertake some tasks which may be specialist.  These tasks will be done following specific training.  Such tasks may include:

Changing sterile dressings

Tracheotomy care – oral suctioning

Assistance with eye or ear drops

Colostomy care – changing of bags

Reablement Services

Our reablement service is designed to help you regain the skills and confidence that will allow you to live independently.  This is normally aimed at those who have suffered an illness or have recently been in hospital.  Our staff will support you to regain your independence so that you can do that washing up, shopping, dressing etc as you used to do before.

Supported Holidays

Any time that you arrange a holiday for your loved one here in the UK we can provide staff to make things happen for you.  Whether it’s  aday trip or a vacation for two days or more we can ensure that your loved one have a safe and enjoyable trip and vacation.  We will make available the right equipment and transport.  You are rest assured that they are in good hands.


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