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Personalized Care Plus is an independent healthcare providing company.  We offer a tailored support system and help needed by the clients to meet all the requirements set out by the clients, nursing staff, relatives, multidisciplinary team and the regulating authorities.

We deliver an outstanding service of personal care and Supported Living Services to meet the needs of dependent Service Users in their own home/environment.  All services are tailored to the individual needs of the service user.  We strongly believe that each person has their own identity, needs, choices, beliefs and  values.   One size does not fit all.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best care possible within domiciliary care and supported living settings. Providing a bespoke personalised care service to our clients for comfort by alleviate suffering through care giving as indicated.

Our Mission

At Personalized Care Plus we understand that at any stage of life someone could require domiciliary care including those with learning disabilities, mental health problems, sensory impairment or physical disabilities. Here at Personalized Care Plus we are committed to delivering the highest standard of care whilst providing our clients with a peace of mind. We strongly believe that each person has their own identity, needs, choices, beliefs and values. One size does not fit all.

We, Personalized Care Plus will ensure that our staff are are continuously assessing patients during any contact, and develop a more personal relationship with clients/users of  services. To deliver specific patient centred care our assessment will systematically build a picture of our clients/users of services of our services, to enable us to identify individual care needs.

Care will be provided in partnership with clients/users of services, carers, relatives, respecting the diverse needs preferences and choices. It will be also be practice for a member of our management team to work with the carer on their first contact to be able to understand the individual care needs and suitability of the agreed initial plan of care.

Our Approach to Patient-centred care

At Personalized Care Plus we aim to reflect and promote values that focus upon the individual service user being at the centre of our care. All our staff are highly experienced in working with those of all needs as well as those with mental health conditions. To help achieve this, Personalized Care Plus:

  • Respect a patient’s values

  • Consider a patient’s preference and expressed needs

  • Work together to ensure there is a good level of communication, information and education

  • Provide emotional support

  • Respect the intrinsic worth, dignity and individuality of the person and his/her racial and ethnic identity

  • Ensure a person has access to appropriate care when they need it

  • Offer coordinated and integrated care

  • Offer a choice of occupational activities, lifestyle, and the best way to maintain independence, including the opportunity to make choices independently

We plan and implement interventions, evaluate outcomes, and reflect on and learn from the process each and every time. This is the approach that Personalised Care Plus adopts with all its clients and the belief system that runs through the core of the company.

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